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We are a company that thrives on professionalism and exceeding the client's expectations. Every client is valued as a potential long term customer, and as a potential business referral. This assures you that you will always receive excellent service.



Selmore Foundation & Consulting operates under the leadership of President and CEO Joyce (Joy) Belynda Russaw.

Thirty years experience with General Motors Corporation has given her hands on experience in the HR arena. Her career started in Atlanta, Ga. with the the General Motors Assembly Group where she gained expertise in all aspects of Employee Benefits, from benefits administration to labor relations.  In 1990 Joy was reassigned to the Lansing Automotive Division where she conducted all aspects of Executive Training.  At the time Sexual Harassment was a major concern through out corporate America, Joy led a committee of top level executives to design and develop a Sexual Harassment training program for all of Lansing Automotive Division... she presented the training program to Managers throughout GM and the program was later video taped and presented throughout GM Corporation.

During her stay in Lansing, Mi. she managed all Student Programs for the Buick-Oldsmobile-Cadillac Division, recruiting engineering and business majors from key institutions around the United States. 1995-2000, her career would take her to Saturn, in Springhill Tenn. Sales Service and Marketing Division. Her major achievements were opening new Saturn Dealerships across the U.S. While designing, developing and presenting training through out the sales, service arena.

Later she was promoted to Director of Education and Training for 10,000 plus employees. The Division was three years behind in all mandated safety training. Joy developed a 3 shift training cycle utilizing all of her staff of thirty trainers.  Using all resources she was able to bring the Division up to date on all OSHA and MYOSHA mandated training, and complete the training requirements for each year.

She holds many certifications and has co-facilitated in Europe in the French and English Languages along with Dr. Joseph Selmore based in Paris, France.

Joy believes that if something  makes common sense, it does not mean that it is common practice. There is a big difference between knowing what to do and actually doing it. KNOWING is not enough.  It takes a knowledge of procedure and the desire, to turn common sense into common practice.




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