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-Joyce (Joy)  Russaw-

-President & CEO-


Selmore Foundation is a leader in all areas of talent acquisition and retention. We work with  client's to identify challenges to employee performance, develop a plan of action and coach them through the process. Our goal is to facilitate the retention of good employees, and coach/mentor challenged employees.  The end result being performance EXCEL-lence and enhanced inter personal skills.


Joy  believes that if something makes sense, it does not mean it's common practice. There is a big difference between knowing what to do and actually doing it.  KNOWING is not enough. It takes a knowledge of procedure and the desire to turn common sense into common practice.


Joy has experience in all areas of the HR function, including but not limited to talent acquisition, training and development, labor relations, and payroll administration.  She started her career  at General Motors Corporation in Atlanta in 1976.  In 1990 she relocated to B-O-C Group in Lansing, Michigan, where she authored and presented executive training programs.  As A certified on-campus recruiter she actively worked in talent acquisition for General Motors from 1988- 1995, she met hiring goals for the corporation by recruiting at national career fairs, and interviewing and hiring from top Colleges and Universities around the country.  During her tenure, she  Directed Student Programs where she again hired students for summer and co-op opportunities. She likes to think that she helped over 400 students secure engineering and business degrees through her supervision and mentoring.  Joy led a team of managers in designing and developing a Sexual Harassment training program which was  later video taped and  adopted the for training over 300,000 employees.

As a Specialist for the Sales, Service and Marketing  Division of Saturn Corporation, then a subsidiary of GM.  Her major accomplishment was Managing the HR function, opening  new dealerships nation-wide.. .

After five years at Saturn, Joy was promoted to Direct the Education and Training function in Detroit, Michigan.. where she managed a staff of 30 trainers, across 3 shifts, to complete all OSHA and MYOSHA required training and frontline leadership for managers. She assumed the responsibilities when the Division was three years delinquent in mandated training. Joy  guided the Training function, erasing the delinquencies and meeting the government standards for all mandated training.

Her political expertise allowed her to work on the Lead teams for Secretary of State John F. Kerry aspiring to the U.S. Presidency, Senator, now President Barack H. Obama... and many statewide and mayoral elections.

Joyce is a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha, an Honorary Tuskegee Airman, a member of OBAP (Organization for Black Airline pilots), a trustee at VBS-Pschological Services, a member of the Chamber of Commerce. Joyce was married to, and mentored by Ernest Caldwell Browne, a former City Councilman, candidate for Mayor of one of the nations largest cities, Vice President of Michigan National Banks, Tuskegee Airman, President of the Lansing Chamber of Commerce, trustee at Sparrow Hospital, and a Trustee at MASCU which allowed he and Joy to travel globally to world meetings.

Joyce retired from General Motors Corporation in 2006.