We offer a flexible approach to employee development.  Our offerings  consist of learning initiatives that address the needs of the learner, and are in alignment with the clients goals and mission statement.  Experience teaches that no two learners learn alike. There are learning variables such as being a visual or auditory learner,  level of education, ability to analyze data, and motivation to learn.  Our flexibility includes,  but not limited to blended learning solutions, ie. class room, on the job training, seminars, audio, teleconference, and  e-learning.

Performance issues are the reason we are called in to consult. We will conduct a needs assessment  to determine how best to meet your needs. We will formulate a plan based on learning objectives... each objective must have characteristics that include PERFORMANCE,  WORK CONDITIONS, and  JOB CRITERION.

We Provide:

  •  Shelf Programs
  •  Tailored Programs
  •  Media Tools
  •  Interactive Tools
  •  In House- Workshops
  •  One on One Mentoring and Coaching
  •  Motivational Speakers
  •  Client Relation Management
  •  Facilitators

  •  Daily  Inspirational Newsletter
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Our work is not done until each learner has demonstrated their mastery of the objectives through pre and post testing.

We will develop a unique package to meet your organizational needs. If time is of the essence, we can utilize pre packaged programs that have a proven record of success, fulfill your needs, and meet the objectives.

"We believe there is a connection between the spirit and ones' success,

we align our training with activity that nurtures the total person, creating a ready and receptive student"